International Symposium

Stone Consolidation in Cultural Heritage -

research and practice


An opportunity to contact fellow researchers

The historic heritage of any country is a common asset of Mankind. Research and the dissemination of its results should thus be a common effort of the whole Scientific Community for the global benefit.

The efficacy of research depends on cooperation between teams with different backgrounds and expertise, complementing hardware and experience, and a combined wealth of imaginative ideas.

It should also be pointed that, by one of the most enlightened policies of the 7th Framework Program of The European Union (7thFP), research partnerships may henceforward include partners from any country in any continent that pursue similar goals.

Thus we would like to invite all participants to use the Symposium as an opportunity to tell others about your research groups and organizations; about your present lines of interest; about your capabilities and your goals. The objective may be to promote the formation of partnerships aimed at the 2009 calls of the 7thFP, to access training opportunities at European research organizations, or simply to meet others, open communication channels and exchange ideas.

You are invited to bring with you leaflets (or CDs to give away) about your work, your Institute's capabilities, your business interests, or about products and services you sell. Tables will be provided for you to display your leaflets or similar media, so that others may pick up a copy. Panels will also be available if you want to display a poster about a research project, a call for partnerships, the presentation of an organization, its capabilities or its products. Posters should have maximum dimensions of 60 x 90cm (height x width) and are subject to the availability of area that will be provided free of charge on a first-come-first-served basis. Reserve your space beforehand - one per participant, subject to availability. Please make reservations through writing as subject "POSTER SPACE".

A meeting point with a standing panel will be set at the hall of the Congress Center. You may stick a note to it asking for akin researchers to contact you or arranging for a meeting with someone you don't know, to discuss matters of common interest that you may pursue at lunch.

Take advantage of this opportunity that the symposium organization offers you. As many as 200 colleagues will have potential access to your graphic material.